Why The Circle, Why now

Since fiat money appeared, in the 11th century but it became predominant during the 20th century. At first, every dollar was tied to a certain amount of gold, which gave value to the money. In 1971, Richard Nixon decided to decouple the US dollar from gold, which now means money is intrinsically valueless and its worth is established by the governments. Basically, fiat money refers to any money that is not guaranteed by a commodity.

For normal people, these monetary systems we use worldwide mean we have no power of decision over what happens with our money at any moment. If the social and political environment changes, so does the value of our money.

It has happened before and will continue to happen to see how our money values less day by day because of what happens in the world.

To be in control over the monetary systems, governmental institutions use regulatory tools which impact the market, usually in a negative way. In time, such financial instruments made people all over the world lose everything they had in their bank accounts in a matter of months or even weeks.

With constantly growing consumerism, financial crises happen more and more often. As there is a handful of people controlling the market, they also influence the financial game at a large scale and this leads to hyperinflation, massive devaluation, and last, but not least, financial crises.

Moreover, the value of fiat money is established by the relationship between supply and demand and the status of the issuing government. In addition, this type of money gives central banks greater control over the economy because they can control how much money is printed.

Another downside of this currency is that the more it is printed, the higher the inflation goes, resulting in hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation is, in short, a rapid, out-of-control, excessive increase in the price in a market, which means a lower purchasing power of a monetary unit. Basically, with the same amount of money, you can buy fewer goods and services because of inflation.

The main difference between inflation and hyperinflation is that the second one implies a devaluation of a monetary unit with over 50% per month. Looking at things in perspective, such inflation rates lead to a negative growth rate for a country’s economy.

Even though we might not be aware at any moment of the inflation rate and the changes that take place in the financial market, we are constantly impacted by it. For example, the most significant financial crisis that happened recently was in 2008-2009.

Put in other words, what happened back then was simple: it was a housing boom in the mid-2000s overlapping with a sharp increase in high-risk mortgages which further led to an increase in the number of loans with low-interest rates offered to borrowers with poor credit.

Once the bubble burst, many of those who bought a house weren’t able to pay the loan. Considering the massiveness of this event, it generated the financial crisis known as the Great Recession and an important sell-off in the equity markets.

But this is just the most recent major financial crisis.

Hyperinflation is, in short, a rapid, out-of-control, excessive increase in the price in a market, which means a lower purchasing power of a monetary unit. Basically, with the same amount of money, you can buy fewer goods and services because of inflation.

  • a) the Great Depression: during the 1920s, the American economy grew by 42% percent and stock market values grew by 218% a year for 7 years. This attracted millions of Americans into speculation and lead to nearly US $30 billion being lost in a day, 15 million Americans becoming unemployed by 1933, 20.000 companies being bankrupt and a majority of American banks failing.
  • b) the Suez Crisis that began in 1956, as Israel decided to invade the Sinai in October. Because of the military action that lasted for 2 months, a financial crisis erupted.
  • c) in 1982, an international debt crisis started because Mexico could not pay the loan that was due and engulfed 20 countries. In the next period, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia requested for rescheduling the terms of repayment. It lasted for almost 8 years, affected nearly 20 countries, and included over 30 episodes.
  • d) in 1997, a major financial crisis struck the East Asian economies because of the large external deficits, inflated property, and stock market values, poor prudential regulation, lack of supervision, and exchange rate pegs to the US dollar resulting in wide swings to the exchange rates making international competitiveness unsustainable.
  • e) on the other hand, in the mid-1990s took place the Russian crisis, with inflation that exceed 300%. Moreover, most Russians did not even have savings for such a negative financial event.
  • f) Latin America debt crisis: it occurred several times. As an example, in 2001-02 Argentina experienced one of the worst economic crises in its history - GDP fell by 20 percent over 3 years, inflation reignited, Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt, and the banking system was paralyzed. Nowadays, Argentina still has one of the highest inflation rates in the world – by the end of December 2021, inflation in Argentina was 50.9%.

This list of financial crises culminated with the one in 2008 which affect the entire world and was felt many years later in all the economical sectors. What is to be noted about this financial crisis, to sum up, the downsides of using the fiat monetary systems is the fact the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank injected the US $ 2.5 trillion into the credit markets. This proves, one more time, the major impact central banks play in controlling economies.

Considering all this, do you think your money is safe? Think again!

For example, if you choose to keep your money in a deposit, not only don’t you benefit from an increase of capital, but you lose money as days pass by. Even though it sounds counterintuitive, the yields on deposits have been almost unchanged since March 2020, when the average value worldwide was 0.06 and is expected to rise up to 0.11 per year. Still, with an average inflation rate of 2.5%, your money loses its value the longer you keep it in the deposit.

If you are still unsure of how inflation works, let us give you a more practical example:

Back in the early 90s, US $100 had the same buying power as the US $218.84 in December 2021. Now, because of the pandemic, the effects of financial changes are even more prominent. This pandemic showed us that we have to be prepared for what is worst, especially from a financial point of view. With countless job losses, health emergencies, or large unexpected expenses, we must know at any time we don’t depend on a single stream of income.

In order to understand how the market works and moreover to know what is best for you and your finances, you need financial literacy. Unfortunately, no school in the world teaches us how to protect our capital, how to create an investment portfolio and diversify it, how to use banking systems in our favor and why it is important to keep an eye on the economy to know what to expect in the future.

We are being taught to save for a house, to have a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills, and to follow some monetary rules that nobody explains to us. Still, generation after generation we are more and more affected by these financial tools without even having the chance to understand how to create a better future. Moreover, to have all this knowledge to help you make a better financial decision you would need years to research and understand how the market works so you make the best move for yourself.

What if there was an alternative?

The Circle is born out of the need for a change, so you can decide for yourself how you protect your capital.

With a team of experts in numerous domains and after years of experience, we have decided to use all our knowledge gathered in fields such as traditional business, crypto, Forex, stocks market, ETFs, to create an opportunity for normal people to have access to projects reserved only for a handful of rich people until not so long ago.

Thanks to The Circle, even those with small capital can enter now the market and benefit from opportunities otherwise unavailable because they didn’t have the money required; therefore, through The Circle, everyone can protect and grow their capital by using modern financial tools with proves results.

We’ve come to realize, after all our experience, that we have to embrace new business models if we want to protect our assets and crypto makes it easy for all of us to have access to projects we could only dream of in the past because it is a constantly growing domain. In fact, even though it is in its late early adopters' phase, only 3.9% of people worldwide own cryptocurrency at this very moment. In fact, there is just a matter of time until this domain will increase even more in value – it is expected that by 2023 the market cap will hit $23.3 billion. Being active in this domain for many years now, we’ve understood that it is much easier to transform a field into a much more easy-accessible one than trying to make the people understand its depth.

The team behind The Circle is made up of businessmen, investors, crypto experts, with many years of experience, so we have the proper knowledge to understand how we can transform this domain into an accessible and beneficial tool for everyone. Being first of all practitioners, we have researched the market and did our best to find the most suitable solutions. By doing so, we’ve come across and studied even Robert Kiyosaki’s financial advice and draw conclusions out of them. In addition, apart from our experience, we’ve consulted with people that were game-changers at a national and international level and understand better than anyone else how the financial markets work and what is financial security at its core. After a long, long period of research, market analyses, and studies, we’ve come to one conclusion: this domain needs to be approached using the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) we’ve got from Robert Kiyosaki.

By simplifying the most the crypto domain so anyone can access it, we maximize its potential for normal people. Instead of letting your money be affected by inflation and other regulatory tools, we offer you a means of protecting your capital without having to work for it. With all these regulatory tools, you lose money both in the short and long term. What we do is create a safe alternative so you can grow your capital. Moreover, you can withdraw your money anytime you want, with a 48-72 hours processing time and with no fees applied (apart from those applied by the wallet provider).

With The Circle, you don’t have your money blocked, you just make it work for you as long as you want and get to withdraw it any time you want.

When we’ve created The Circle, we had 3 things in mind, based on our experience and our knowledge of the market:

a) if you have the capital to invest and diversify your portfolio, you don’t have the opportunities,

b) if you have the capital and the possibility to invest, you don’t know the market and don’t have the knowledge to identify the proper opportunities,

c) if you have both the capital and the opportunities, you don’t have the time to research the market and grow your capital by yourself.

Our solution is simple

Instead of letting you do everything by yourself, with your own capital, we use all our expertise and the power of our combined capital to access even markets otherwise unavailable, for example, the real estate market. This way, you have a chance to take part in projects that can offer real growth and enter even launchpads, liquidity pools, or farming yields so you can be rewarded even though you by yourself don’t meet the requirements to participate in such projects. No more borrowing money to access a new project, no more hoping for an increase in the standard interest rate to your deposit account because you now have the chance to build wealth and protect your capital at the same with proper risk management, everything through our tools.

And what is more, the sooner you join us, the stronger your capital protection is as you have a unique opportunity to grow your capital and even outperform inflation.

Why now?

We’ve been where you are right now and we are where you want to be in the future. This makes us the perfect choice for you and your capital.

After so many years in the market and tens of businesses we’ve created and successfully managed, all the founders have the necessary resources to help you grow your capital. Because we have and use on a daily basis these resources, being practitioners at the same time, we know and want to help you make money. And we plan to do so by multiplying what we already do for ourselves.

By trial and error, we’ve come to understand the secret of success. We’ve realized many people lack financial education, as there is no school to teach us how to manage our financial resources to create stability in the longer term and protect our savings, nor how to manage or identify the opportunities we encounter.

Until we’ve had a clear view of all of these, it took us many years, periods of time no one has at their disposal to invest in making research and studying these everchanging markets if they have a job or a family. Even though our road to success was a bumpy one, with many obstacles in the way – failures in the traditional business market, lost money in the process, difficulties in the sales market, scams in the crypto field, and so on – we’ve overcome all of these and learn from our mistakes.

And what is more important, we’ve come out winners, as we’ve developed new strategies, new tactics to succeed in our activity and to get the results we’ve wanted.

But it doesn’t have to be the same way for you and this is why The Circle was created. Our know-how is based on domains like a traditional business, marketing, sales strategies and team development, business consultancy, and many more adjacent fields and so we came to a point where our money makes more money for ourselves. Still, we continue to be active in our business and you can watch everything we do on our Social Media profiles, as we are 100% transparent.

The whole concept behind The Circle is built on transparency, as we understood in practice that there are hundreds of specific terms really hard to understand by somebody who is not active constantly in a domain and this applies to crypto, real estate, Forex market, and so on. How can you then make a proper financial decision if you don’t even get the chance to understand how it works?

Moreover, the biggest players in the market have access to technologies we bet you didn’t know they exist, such as tools for monitoring day by day the number of customers for certain brands in order to know if they should buy or sell in that specific day. They base all their financial decisions on watching and analyzing trends and have an advantage when making a move. And this is just an example of how it works.

If we compare this to our day-to-day lives, let us tell you that are investment funds that buy an entire building just to rent the space and generate profit on a constant basis. The difference between the average man and them? They understand (because have access to more in-depth information than us) that a property like that has to produce money, otherwise is just a liability. And this can be seen in the statistic about the poverty rate: in Europe, for example, the countries with the biggest rate of homeownership have the lowest quality of life. Instead of blocking your money with such a decision, you can choose differently and make your money produce more money for you. And this becomes even more important in times like these when a bubble appears every 8-10 years.

Getting back to where we first started, we want to offer you the means to access these markets without having the knowledge (or the huge amount of money) needed to access them. And how we can do so? By acting together, because together we are stronger and our capital is bigger. Together, we can grow our capital without choosing projects with high risk, high reward, because the bigger the reward is, the higher the risk. Instead, we choose a constant, moderate growth we know for sure will help us in the long term. Moreover, we manage to protect our capital even in times like these, when real inflation hits almost 10%.

The Circle is not for those who are impatient for projects with x40 gain chance as there is a x40 chance to lose too. Instead, we are here to help you protect your capital, because this is the first and most important rule of everyone who wants to make real money.


The Circle is a project based on every one of us’ needs because we’ve understood what we lack to achieve financial stability, and more importantly, how to overcome this.

Our mission is to help you do the same using all our knowledge and experience because we know for a fact that you have no guarantee if you use the traditional means of so-called “capital protection”. The most popular mutual investment funds practice incredibly high taxes on withdrawal, most of the time even 100%, hidden commission and oblige you to keep your money locked for several years in a row. In addition, the growth rate barely covers inflation.

Our mission is to benefit, together, the most from present opportunities in the market and we can do so only by the power of our combined capital. We are not here to charge you secretly (in fact, the only fee on our platform is the one required from the wallet provider for wallet-to-wallet transactions), nor to make you lose money in the process.

All of our activity is 100% transparent at any moment and the more of you join us, the bigger our chances to achieve all of our financial goals are bigger. The stronger we become, the more opportunities will unveil to us, as big players in the market don’t go searching for projects to invest in, they are searched for.

With financial power comes great opportunities and also we get access to deals otherwise unavailable. Or did you think that, let’s say, the token price for crypto, no matter which one, was the same when it was first listed? Somebody knew, even before everyone else, that a certain token will have a minimal value and will multiply hundreds of times its initial value in just a couple of months. And such examples exist in every domain: real estate, traditional business, NFTs, etc.

This is the kind of access we want and will have for The Circle and opportunities like this one become available only If we stand together for our financial goals.


Our vision is to offer everybody, as fast as possible, the possibility to enter The Circle through the 10 million tokens available, to such financial opportunities so that once the actions in our roadmap are completed, everybody knows us and offers us new opportunities.

Therefore, we want to make The Circle the biggest game-changer for normal people using their capital to create the future they want by accessing exclusive projects.

Downs and problems we’ve encountered in the market:

yield farming

Yield farming

  • capital blocked for long periods
  • volatility
  • frau
  • rug pulls
  • impermanent loss

liquidity pool icon

Liquidity Pool

  • price manipulation
  • huge amount of money needed to participate
  • impermanent loss
  • smart contract risks

defi icon


  • impermanent loss
  • rug pull schemes
  • flash loan attacks

traditional business icon

Traditional businesses

  • competition
  • lack of resources
  • inaccessibility

forex icon


  • volatility
  • unpredictability
  • scams and frauds
  • limited protection from risk management systems

stocks icon the circle


  • volatility
  • no guarantee of profits