The longer you wait until you take control over your money and finances, the later you will meet your financial goals.

YOUR money, YOUR choices

Have you ever thought about how one single decision can change your life forever? When it comes to your personal finances, you should be the only one in charge of making decisions. Whether you have short-term financial needs, you’re planning for retirement, or saving for your child’s college education, you are entitled to benefit the most from your earnings and have the freedom to decide what your life will look like in the present and in the future as well.

Still, in most cases, we know you feel like you don’t have much of a choice because you are bound to pay taxes and manage living expenses. Truth is, we all have needs that have to be fulfilled within our financial constraints.

In fact, when we refer to the economy, we refer to living our lives one day after another; if we refer to our finances, we mean what we have left once we have paid all our monthly expenses and most importantly, how we can maximize the profits made from that money.

The difference between you and that 1% of people who manage to have everything they want in life is that you don’t have access to the same opportunities as them, nor do you possess the same information they have access to.

The way out from this is becoming financially literate, so you can distinguish between good and bad pieces of advice and make smart decisions in the end.

Once you seize every opportunity you have you will change your life forever because you won’t work for money anymore but you’ll make your money for yourself!

And now we want to give you full access to such opportunities!

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Did you know that thinking about personal finances makes over 50% of American adults anxious?

Moreover, 40% of people turn to family, friends, or coworkers when they have a question about finances. We are not even used to seeking professional help to manage our money as we don’t understand the importance of consultancy from an expert.

Still, even though many of us don’t like to admit this, money plays an important role in our lives and, as statistics prove, financial related situations are one of the anxiety-producers for many of us. This happens because we need money basically for everything - to eat, study or even have our own house, YET NOBODY EVER TEACHES US about the importance of money. In sum, financial literacy has a material impact on families as they try to balance their budget, buy a home, fund their children’s education, or ensure an income for retirement. But in reality, no one tells us how to make money, how to save, why it is important to diversify your income, what is inflation and how to make sure you don’t get affected, and so on.

In fact, why would they teach you if they cannot control you anymore once you have all the information?

With the proper financial education, every one of us will be able to make better choices when it comes to our money, investments, and buying decisions. And this goes even further, as you understand how the financial systems work, how regulatory tools affect you, and how to spot projects you can trust so you can diversify your portfolio and protect your assets.

One step at a time, by financially educating yourself, you get one step closer to meeting all your goals and achieving freedom!

You have to break free to have the results you want


You know that saying that goes like “The change starts within”? It is the same when it comes to finances! Let us explain to you: if you keep staying in the system, playing by their rules, you will continue to be the victim of their games: inflation, financial crises, constant devaluation of your assets, more and more taxes, etc. But if every one of us decides we want to break free from all these, we have the possibility to change our lives!

Instead of trying to change the system, we can choose differently and benefit from new opportunities. That’s where The Circle steps in. By using cryptocurrency, we create our own financial system, one within which everyone can protect their assets and generate passive income and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES at the same time.

We know from our experience this is what everyone needs, INCLUDING YOU. Almost 4% of the world population has understood the benefits of crypto and this is just the beginning. No more lack of transparency, unaffordable taxes and regulations over your money. Instead of wondering how that 1% made their money, you should ask yourself how you can benefit from the latest opportunities. Keep in mind that staying in the same system as before, you will continue to be affected by their choices no matter what, choices you cannot influence. Moreover, this game is made only to keep you in a loop: work, pay taxes and work even more to afford to pay more taxes. There is no way in this context to build wealth and to leave something behind for the next generations.

The longer you stay in this system, the worse it’ll be and that is why we decided to change the rules and to offer you access to possibilities reserved only for them until now.

We know from our experience that the actual system is not made to protect us and we cannot do anything about it. BUT there is a solution! If we cannot be safe in their financial system, then we create our own. And this is where The Circle steps in. 

Through blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrency, we can create our own asset protection system, one that helps us, both as a community and at an individual level, protect what we have and grow our capital to make sure even the next generations enjoy wealth.

How are we gonna do it? The aftermath is very simple: we plan on using all our knowledge and years of experience in the traditional market and crypto investments to identify and invest in projects that for sure will be winning!

By constant research and scouting, we handpick the projects to make sure we generate profits you can withdraw in maximum of 72 hours after you decide to do so!

Why? Because we have no interest in keeping your money blocked! Your capital is yours only and we just want to offer you the chance to be part of a bigger community, one that wants to diversify its portfolio and lower the risk of investments.

If you still wonder how we plan to do so, you must know that by our financial powers combined we have access to the most solid and profitable markets in the world, always respecting the most important rule: capital protection remains priority no 1!

All you have to do is join us, get your share of FCC and we’ll take care of everything else because, as we have said, the rest will be taken care of ourselves because we have the necessary know-how!