Did you know you are already a millionaire?

Still, the next generation benefits only from 10% maximum of that money

Most of the money we make during our lifetime is spent on monthly expenses, and taxes, and the rest go to health, social protection, transport, education, and other costs and payments everybody has to do.

With all this money you pay month by month, at the end of the day, how much is there left for you? And even more, what is left for the next generation, for creating the future you want for your kids?

Nobody teaches us, not even in school or universities, how to build wealth, why financial security is so important, and how we can achieve it. In short, nobody offers us access to financial education, the only way to have the lives we want.

We are being taught only to pay our taxes, yet nobody tells us how to save or invest and how to be financially safe if another crisis occurs. That’s why when a negative financial event takes place so many people lose everything they’ve saved, and they fight poverty and have to deal with a poor quality of life.

In a constantly changing economic environment, knowing how the system works is a must if you want not to be affected by regulatory tools such as inflation, deflation, hyperinflation, and so on.

All these instruments the governments use to control the economy have a direct impact on our lives. High deflation and inflation rates are bad for the economy at a micro and macro level. Deflation slows down economic growth, while inflation diminishes the purchasing power of a monetary unit. Therefore, money loses its value, and subsequently, the consumer has to spend more instead of saving their money.

This is even worse as there are no real opportunities for people to make sure their money is not at risk or, even worse, the few opportunities in the market can benefit only a handful of people.

With so little access to projects and means of protecting the capital, people have no chance when a new financial crisis waits just around the corner. It happened before and it happens even now: Germania in 1920, URSS and Austria in 1922, The Great Depression that took place in the 1930s, Grecia and the Philippines in 1944, China in 1945, Ungaria in 1946, The Suez Crisis which happened in 1956-1957,  the 1982 crisis, and many more: Bolivia in 1985, Yugoslavia 1992-1994, Romania in 1991-1993, Russia with the mid-90 crisis, the dotcom crisis in the late 90s, the Argentinian crisis (2001-2002), the 2008 financial crisis (SUA), Zimbabwe in 2008, North Korea in 2010, Venezuela in 2018, and the pandemic-generated crisis (starting in 2020).

If you are in your 30s, you have already faced numerous crises. Since the beginning of the 90s, no less than 10 major financial crises took place:

  • the second-longest period of hyperinflation in history in Yugoslavia, between 1992 and 1994 (a daily inflation rate of 62%),
  • the post-communism inflation rate in Romania between 1991 and 1993 (170%),
  • the wrenching depression in Russia’s economy in the mid-90s,
  • the dot-com bubble, caused by excessive speculation of Internet-related companies in the stock market, which made the stock market index rise 400% only to fall back 78% in October 2002,
  • the 2001-2002 crisis in Argentina, globally known for the high unemployment rates and poverty,
  • the real estate bubble formed in 2007-2008 which rapidly spread into a global economic shock, resulting in several bank failures,
  • the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe in 2008, when the government stopped filing official inflation statistics because of the continuously increasing values (it is estimated to have had hit 79.6 billion percent month-on-month),
  • the redenomination in North Korea in 2010, which was supposed to address the runaway inflation and, in reality, was more like a wealth tax program for those who had savings,
  • as one of the most violent countries in the world, Venezuela went through one of the major economic problems in the world in recent history and its currency has lost 99.9% of its dollar value in a 2-year time.
  • last, but not least, the crisis generated by the pandemic which still has effects on today’s economy. It hit all the countries in the world and both emerging and developing economies had struggles in this period as the health systems grew weaker and there was a more limited fiscal space to provide support. In addition, several economies entered the crisis in a vulnerable state because of the sluggish growth and high debt levels.

With such negative events in the financial sector, it is difficult to protect your capital and generate income, especially when what happens in the market cannot be predicted if you don’t know how the system works.

Even for those who still have some knowledge on the investments sector it might be difficult to make a good choice as the possibilities are limited and cannot be accessed by everyone.

Moreover, every investment sector has its ups and downs:



  • high volatility
  • counterbids from brokers
  • high maleability
  • lack of transparency
  • slow transfer rate
  • unexperienced brokers
  • emotional rollercoaster


Oil and silver:


  • high volatility
  • high exploitation risks
  • difficult to manage
  • low liquidity
  • difficult to store
  • speculative value




  • difficult to store
  • special conditions and regulation
  • speculative value
  • difficult to manage


Real estate:


  • high volatility
  • income uncertainty
  • increased liability
  • increased capital to invest

What if there is another solution, one that offers safety in the long term? Meet FCC!

Here, at The Circle, we are all entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors. But first of all, we are human beings and we faced, in our lifetime, the same struggles and difficulties as you did. This is why The Circle was created, to help people protect their capital in a world where financial literacy and freedom are almost impossible to achieve, not because they are denied, but because people don’t know how to access them. The Circle will give you access to what the 1% already know and take advantage of for decades.

We know that one of the biggest fears of every one of you is not to lose everything because of inflation, hyperinflation, and devaluation, and yet, another financial crisis might happen sooner than you think. So our plan is to switch the balance and allow people to take advantage of these new financial tools even with no previous experience needed.

We are not in this run for risky high rewards NOW, but for stable gains over the years to help us build generational wealth. So trust us when we say, not only do we want to help you protect your capital, but to have total control over it and benefit at the same time from complete transparency.

That’s why our entire team of experts is dedicated to helping you step up your financial game. How are we going to do it? With FCC.

Freedom Circle Coin is a stable coin and is equal to 1 USDT, having a fixed growth. Every 30 days, its value grows by 2.5%. Basically, no matter what happens in the market, your capital will grow by 30% every year for as long as you keep it under The Circle.

What does it mean for you? Not only will you protect your capital against inflation, but you will have 30% more money by the end of every year. Think about it: if you get your share of FCC today, for, let’s say, 5000 dollars, in one year from now you will have 6,500 dollars. In 5 years’ time, you will have 12,500 dollars. Moreover, you can withdraw your money anytime and receive it in your account in just 72 hours!

And you can become one of the knights in 3 easy steps:

  • Deposit the money in your USDT account,
  • We receive the confirmation,
  • You get the coins into your MetaMask wallet.

As the power of many surpasses the power of one, your capital will therefore unlock access to unlimited possibilities and opportunities in the market:

  • easy buy, easy sell
  • thousands of brokers available
  • daily payments
  • easy withdrawal
  • non-stop availability
  • growth opportunities


  • low risk
  • flexibility
  • transparency
  • portfolio diversification


  • constant gainings
  • store of value
  • safe haven in times of financial crises
  • portfolio diversification


 Real estate:
  • great returns
  • long term security
  • tax advantages
  • passive income
  • protection against inflation
  • steady cash flow

Now it is easier than ever to benefit from all of these and get rid of the most common difficulties in the investment market. What is more, our specialists do all the work on your behalf: researching, investing, managing the capital, scouting for new opportunities, and many more activities needed to protect and grow the capital at the same time.

Every knight at our table, while doing all these, is guided by our core values:

  1. transparency: we know that one of the most important problems in today’s society is lack of transparency, especially in the financial sector, this is why we use blockchain technology and make this the most important aspect of our work because we want you to know at every moment the status of your capital,
  2. fairness:  as a project based on a need we identified by ourselves, we know from our experience, from trial and error, how much it means to benefit from fairness in the financial services domain,
  3. honour: we believe that you have to be honourable yourself if you want to associate with honourable people, and this is part of the philosophy behind our project.

We have the knowledge to make the most out of these opportunities and through The Circle you have access to all our expertise and the entire strategy with proven results. 

The Circle is growth and capital protection, The Circle is… Crypto Made Easy!